Monday, 18 September 2017

The Basics of Attachment Parenting

The first thing that you should know about attachment parenting is that there are no specific rules for it. However, there may be some guidelines to help you address your inner-self who is empathetic and compassionate. Attachment parenting is basically the kind of relationship with the baby that tends to build child-oriented relationship rather than parent-oriented one. The end result of attachment parenting is quite amazing as your baby would learn to connect and cooperate even at the earliest stage of his/her life.

Trust your instincts
The fact is that you, your partner and the baby are perfect team. This is the design by nature. Hence, there is no serious planning required regarding how to connect and understand each other. In fact, your instincts are the strong signals which would tell you about everything going on in this beautiful relationship.

Get a babywear
Another major aspect of attachment parenting is to keep the baby close for as long as possible. This physical contact gives the baby the necessary sensation of safety and connection and, at the same time, baby would be more able to observe things around him. Therefore, you can buy a babywear which you can use to carry the baby on the back or on the front, while freeing your arms to do the routine tasks. A little grown up child can be carried on the back with the help of a baby backpack.

Baby nursing
Nursing of baby is a wonderful time during which your baby will be able to get more connected and attached to you. So, if you think you will not be able to nurse your baby, it’s just a fear unless you have some bad medical conditions. Thus, if you are afraid of the process or your think of it as awkward, keep in mind that baby nursing is quite natural way. Furthermore, you should learn to identify cues by your baby regarding breastfeeding. Putting it on schedule is not the way you can nurse your baby ideally.

Keep the baby closer while sleeping
As mentioned earlier, infants need to stay close the mothers for as long as possible. So, it is good idea to keep the baby closer while sleeping. The first reason is the same, i.e. it will improve the connection and attachment between you and the baby. The second reason is about the sense of security that your child will be able to get during the time when you prefer to turn off the light and have rest.

Get help
Attachment parenting is nearly about abandoning most of the other activities only to focus on parenting. But you also need to get the routine tasks done even if your spouse is overwhelmed. In this situation, you can ask one of your friends or close relative to come by and take care of the other kids and the newborn for an entire day. During this time, you can get your major tasks done to get rid of the burden.

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